The decision to become fitter and healthier comes with many great challenges and frustrations, much more than we first anticipate. This process is challenging because we are exposed to a growing body of exercise and nutritional information we must filter through to select the best health practices. It is often this uncertainty as to which health practices to apply that drains our motivation and patience and prevents us from achieving our fitness goals.

The traditional approach to personal training unquestionably places strong emphasis on gym work and exercise with little focus on proper nutrition. Exercise prescription is typically universally applied where clients receive similar exercise programs without consideration of their individual body type, goals, or exercise experience. Similarly, nutritional considerations are mostly absent from traditional personal training and, if applied, client nutrition is generally prescribed and fails to understand the unique metabolic and body shape requirements of each client.

At Trillium Fitness, our Edinburgh personal trainers use an approach that places equal importance on both exercise and proper nutrition. We let our exercise and nutritional prescription be guided by the information we continually gain about each individual client and their unique body type. Our exercise and nutritional prescriptions are evidenced based and provided to our clients in the form of structured plans that reflect the individual needs of that client and their unique body requirements.

Importantly, our work cannot stop at simply prescribing exercise and nutrition plans. Education plays an integral role in our services. We support our clients by helping them learn about proper nutrition and exercise so that they become increasingly more confident and independent integrating proper health practice as a lifestyle. The end result is that our client’s look and feel great far beyond their expectations and in a far shorter time period than first anticipated.