Tailored Nutrition

Proper nutrition is absolutely critical to successful body transformation and as your personal trainer, we do emphasise its importance. When proper diet and exercise are aligned, progress is greatly accelerated. Unlike popular belief, there simply is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to nutrition. Following someone else’s diet plan can be highly damaging to your health. Your body type is unique to everyone else’s, so your nutritional requirements should be customised accurately to you.

Trillium Fitness understands that following diet plans can come with great challenges and frustrations. Given this, we use structured Meal Planners to make your nutrition manageable and easy-to-follow. Meal Planners are tailored specifically to your goals and body type, organising and outlining your foods, meal portions, recipes and eating times. Importantly, Meal Planners are made to fit your schedule and are flexible to accommodate for unpredictable life events and work circumstances.

Personal Fitness Training

Many people struggle with keeping fit due to a lack of proper instruction and motivation which is why many people choose to get in touch with us. The personal trainers at Trillium Fitness use structured gym programs as a specific plan to ensure efficiency and progress within your workouts. Gym programs are personalised to your goals and help to formally outline your workout, the number of sets and repetitions, tempo and rest intervals. Also, we will create an ongoing workout diary that records all of your gym work. This diary ensures your progress week-to-week and serves as tangible evidence of your completed workouts.

Importantly, all of the workouts we prescribe are guided by evidence-based practice. That simply means we use fitness research to apply the most effective workouts to accelerate your progress. Using an evidenced-based approach allows us to justify the training exercises we prescribe and how to perform them properly. This approach will give you confidence in the accuracy of information your trainer delivers and provide you with an important foundation in proper exercise.

Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

Injuries can disrupt progress by preventing the optimal performance of certain workouts. We will work to ensure you achieve functional strength so you perform well both in the gym and outside. If you present at our personal training studio in Edinburgh with an injury, our approach is to assess the injury and develop an appropriate course of treatment. This may involve integrating rehabilitation exercises in your personal training and gym program or applying manual therapy to the affected area.

Similarly, it is our highest priority that all training prescribed and instructed are with your safety in mind. We select workouts according to your level of gym experience and appropriately modify certain exercises if you present with an existing injury. To ensure safety in your workouts, we focus strongly on proper technique and graded progression. We prioritise efficiency within your workouts and on educating you about common errors in an exercise that may compromise your safety.

Motivation & Support

We recognise that pursuing higher health and fitness goals through personal training comes with unquestionable challenges. Lack of motivation is a primary challenge that many people undergoing this process endure. Our approach is to instil motivation by staying highly goal orientated and creating a specific plan for attaining your fitness and health objectives. As your personal trainer, we formalise your goals using our S.M.A.R.T. Goals Forms and track your progress during each gym session to ensure you stay on course.

Also, we feel that education plays an integral role in motivation. The more you understand about your workouts and diet the greater your confidence in achieving your goals. During each workout session, we support your journey by teaching you how to workout properly and how to eat according to your unique body type. Importantly, our work together extends beyond the workout sessions. We maintain a high level of communication outside our workout sessions to address any questions or concerns you have. We help you remain consistent and goal focused out with the our studio.