Many of our clients present with existing injuries or physical ailments. At Trillium Fitness we are conscious these injuries may cause pain, limit movements and consequently restrict participation in certain exercises or outside activities. As health care professionals, we are in a position to address your injury, if needed, to help restore your physical health. Similarly, if you present with a chronic condition we use an integrated approach that respects the limitations of your condition and facilitates a path toward your recovery.

Injury Prevention

We design your fitness program with not only your goals but also your safety in mind. This means prescribing exercises that are appropriate for your level of experience, physical conditioning and health. Also, we never compromise on exercise technique. Our personal trainers teach you proper exercise technique then supervise you closely to prevent any risk of injury. Finally, we work progressively with training loads. When appropriate, we make increases in the weight you lift, but in a strictly controlled and incremental manner.


Insight injury prevention


Balance & Symmetry

In exercise, muscular imbalance, immobility or inflexibility is critical when identifying areas that may impede progression toward fitness goals. If muscles are imbalanced or if there is joint or muscular restriction there is a heightened risk of injury that is typically exposed through gym work or alternative activities. Improper exercise training or pre-existing injuries or conditions can lead to muscle imbalances. At Trillium Fitness, we assess muscle imbalance or movements deficits using screening methods and strength ratios. If imbalances or asymmetries are identified, we adjust your exercise prescription accordingly to restore muscle balance and correct movement patterns.



If you present with, or acquire an injury we automatically make it our priority. We use formal assessment to identify the issue then implement and integrate an appropriate treatment plan to work toward resolution. This may involve integrating corrective exercises into your fitness program or applying hands-on, manual therapy. Importantly, we aim to incorporate rehabilitation into your fitness program to give it structure and make it manageable along side your fitness and health goals.

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