Motivation and support is an area we give great consideration. The motivation to exercise and maintain healthy habits can fluctuate greatly and these fluctuations can have negative implications on exercise motivation. In contrast, strong intentions to exercise lend the greatest chance for success. However, there is an unmistakable gap between thinking about exercise and actually doing it. This act of “doing” relates to behaviour. At Trillium Fitness, we work to bridge the gap between your intent to exercise and your behaviour to maintain consistency in your pursuit of your fitness goals. Here’s our approach:

Your Goals

Research clearly shows that success in exercise is greater when goals are made specific. We openly discuss your fitness goals then work with you to formalise your goals and make them specific. This involves using objective outcome measures such as body fat percentage, weight, waist circumference, clothing size, etc.

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Your Plan

Intention to exercise is equally made stronger by a plan to attain your goals. Once your goals have been specified, we use our Client Calendars to structure a timed plan to achieve them. This plan operates on the collective dynamic of your personalised fitness and nutrition program. It also includes timely measures to evaluate and address, if needed, behaviour to help keep you on track.

Trillium Fitness Calendar Personal Training Edinburgh Belief & Control
It isn’t enough to have specific fitness goals and a plan. You need to believe in your ability to accomplish your goals and in control of your behaviour to do so. To help you gain self-belief and control, we make exercise and nutrition a manageable part of your life and part of your weekly routine. We remain flexible in our schedule to meet the demands of yours. Also, together, we review your progress weekly to show you the positive results of being consistent.


Insight Motivation


Your Education

We want you to have confidence in your exercise and nutrition. We place great emphasis on client education and continue to customise your journey with us by developing a personalised education plan. This consists of education topics that are important to you and your health and fitness related interests. This may include topics related to exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, rehabilitation, etc. Each week we send you brief, plain language information relating to your education topic of choice. This may come in form of an article, blog post, video, audio, or image. Importantly, we use credible sources and support any delivered information with references from credible authors or journals.

Additional Support

Our personal trainers are successful because we communicate with our clients. We do not shout, place blame, or judge. We actively listen to each client and communicate openly and honestly. Also, whether inside the gym or out, we remain open and accessible for when you have questions or concerns and ensure that we are prompt in our response.