At Trillium Fitness Edinburgh, respecting the individuality of each client is the guiding principle behind our service. Our approach to personal training places the client at the forefront to identify exercises and training methods that are appropriate for that client and his or her body type. When we design an exercise program, we take the following several areas into consideration:

Goal Specific

Above everything, our programs are designed specifically to meet the goals you desire in the shortest time. No two client programs are alike. Whether your goal is enhanced muscle endurance, fat loss, muscle growth, functional strength, or relative strength the design of your fitness program will reflect this goal. We have the extended knowledge in exercise science and professional experience to provide exercise prescription that is accurate to your goals and body type. Also, we understand that specific goals are important for maintaining motivation and give the greatest chance for success so we work with you to formalise your goals and make them specific.

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Body Specific

It is well established that body type can influence the effects of exercise. Failure to respond to exercise is often a result of incorrect exercise selection for the given body type. Our understanding of body type in relation to exercise enables us to predict the most appropriate personal training for your body type. At Trillium Fitness, we assess not only your body type but also distinct personality traits to help us determine your correct exercise path.


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Formal structure in our exercise programs is an integral element of our service. It is our intention to achieve results in the shortest time. Therefore, we control each variable in your exercise to better control the outcome. This involves controlling for the type of exercise, the number of repetitions and sets, tempo for each exercise, and time rested between sets and exercises. This information is formalised and clearly presented in your program.
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Exercise programs are only as effective as the time it takes you to accommodate to them. This means that employing the same exercises with the same training load over a long period of time will have a negative impact on your body and consequently your goals. Given this, all of our exercise programs have a life span. Your exercise program is prescribed for a predetermined number of weeks. Following completion, you receive new, fresh exercise program to re-stimulate your body. Identifying your rate of accommodation to exercise is part of our personalised fitness process.


To determine whether an exercise program is effective, it must be measurable. We take multiple physiological assessments throughout the course of your work with us to assess the effectiveness of your exercise program. These include skin fold measurements, circumference measurements, weight scale, bone breadth measurements, and body transformation photos. If your goals include additional objectives such as reducing high blood pressure, your assessment will include the appropriate measurements.


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